Metal-Free Fillings

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Complete Dentistry offers metal-free fillings to provide the most conservative and attractive solution for our patients.

Fillings mend teeth damaged by decay by adding strength, durability and protection — but only metal-free fillings can be matched to your tooth color! The end result is a cosmetic solution that won’t compromise the integrity of your natural tooth structure.

Dental fillings can weaken over time — is it time to replace yours? Ask Dr. Gile.

Metal-free fillings are preferred over metal amalgam because they are less invasive and provide optimum support for the tooth. They also require very little removal of natural tooth enamel in preparation. Designed of durable composite material that is bonded directly to the tooth surface, these fillings provide stability and make the tooth stronger.

Composite fillings are technique sensitive. Dr. Gile takes the time necessary to make sure the filling is done properly. Special care is taken to ensure form and function, minimizing potential sensitive and future problems. Multiple colors are blended in order to obtain the best match to your natural tooth.

With proper placement and care, metal-free fillings provide a long-term solution that halts tooth decay and protects the longevity of your smile. Contact our office to learn more!