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When a tooth has been severely chipped or cracked, or when a dental implant or bridge has been placed, a naturally-looking porcelain crown is used to restore function to your smile.

Restoring your smile with a crown is possible with just two office visits. First, a comprehensive exam will be completed. Dr. Gile will help you decide which type of crown is right for your needs. Next, a digital impression will be made of your teeth and sent to the dental lab. That’s right, a digital impression — no more messy impression goo! Then the lab will artistically create your new crown, and in the meantime, a temporary crown will be fitted to protect your tooth.

Digital impressions make crowns easy — say “goodbye” to messy goo! Learn more by contacting our office today.

Porcelain crowns flawlessly:

  • Restore a tooth that is chipped or cracked
  • Replace old metal crowns
  • Protect and strengthen a tooth after a root canal
  • Become the restorative component for a dental implant

To learn more about porcelain crowns, schedule your visit with Complete Dentistry today!